15 December 2014

11 December 2014

Who Kills Millions of Pigs Each Week?

Pig Slaughter
The Great Pig Slaughter
Who kills millions of pigs each week?
And what squeaks and weights over 100 million tonnes?
The answers are in this illustration.

What is the Great Pig Sorrow?

pigs meat

A pig in despair tore his hair:
“A billion dead pigs is unfair.
It’s a porcine tragedy,
A moral catastrophe.
Doesn’t anyone bother or care?”

28 November 2014

How Friendly is the Fur Coat Trade?

Fur trade - fur coats
The Fur Coat Trade
How Many?

How many lives in a fur coat?
Many times your largest banknote
Add rejects not making the grade,
Trashed by the friendly and pleasant fur trade

“Does society need to know?
Cruel-blooded stats don’t make them dough.
“Silence!” our motto; we’re afraid
Not to seem a friendly and pleasant trade."

So coats are simply things to sell;
The beasts in them “ne’er suffered hell”.
Countless uncounted beasts betrayed,
Cashed by the friendly and pleasant fur trade.

24 November 2014

Limerick: The Human Flaw

Humanity Crisis
Humanity in Crisis
There once was a species almighty,
Its actions were useless and flighty:
Climate change and pollution
(over-population, environmental degradation,
species extinction, resource depletion...)
It ne'er made a solution.
The species did crash very mighty.

22 November 2014

The Noble Unnumbered

The Noble Unnumbered
A poem about Life and the Noble Unnumbered - dedicated to animal rights activists and environmental activists, after The Charge of the Light Brigade, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
Life’s in need, life’s in need,
Life’s in need deeply.
Life’s a joy and wonder,
T’is a crime of man to plunder.
Forward, the Life Brigade!
Our charge? To lend life aid.
We’re the unnumbered!

Advance, the Life Brigade,        
To force man’s crime forbade.
Abused, razed, eaten,
Each living life suffers
To oblivion or extinction.
Life we love so well,
Our foe flings all to hell!
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

Onward, the Life Brigade!
Shall we strain dismayed
‘gainst overwhelming power
To blot, wreck, destroy, devour?
Ours not to be afraid.   
Ours not to be a swayed.
Ours but to be a blade.
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

Critics to the right of us,
Critics to the left of us,
Critics in front of us.
Battered by words that sell,
We dodge, foil, repel.
But destroyers and slayers,
Beware our scorning sabres.
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

Our dealings? We are fair,
Violence we do forswear;
Our morality is of care.
We inspire, motivate
And gladly labour,
Rightly and strongly,
To save all nature.
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

When will life’s glory fade?
Not while fights the Life Brigade.
Honour life’s glory,
Magnificent wonder!
Honour the Life Brigade,
Noble without number!

11 November 2014

What is the Animal Rights Motto?

Animal Rights Motto
Animal Rights Motto
Animal rights motto: The greatest threat to people is ignorance; the greatest threat to animals is ignorant people.

10 November 2014

Consider the Tarantula

The Sixth Extinction
Consider the tarantula: Poecilotheria metallica. Problem: habitat destruction. Range: India. A tiny part of the Sixth Mass Extinction of life on Earth.

03 November 2014

Why Are We Earthling?

Earth Earthling
We are Earthling
We are natives of Earth; we are Earthling.
We say concord and conflict are sanguine.
All peoples and creatures
Are Earth-warming features.
That's why we rejoice being Earthling.

30 October 2014

Think Before You Bonk

Human Population
Seven Billion Plus and Counting
Think before you bonk your wife.
Every baby knackers life.
Nature's sick and subjugate,
Pulverised by human weight.
Dying forests, dying seas, the lot.
So please don't make another tot!

22 October 2014

Gaia and Species Extinction

gaia Earth

There once was a planet with Gaia.
Humanity wrecked it entire.
It had species galore.
None exist anymore.
The whole was reduced to a pyre.

Gaia: the biosphere as a self-regulating living body optimising temperature, oxygen and chemistry for life to flourish. 'In less than 100 years one third of living species may be extinct.' (World Scientists' Warning to Humanity.)

18 October 2014

How You Can Think Like an Animal

animal thought
Think like an animal!
Can you think like an animal? Do animals think? To think like an animal do this. Suppress the stream of words constantly running through your head by repeating to yourself a short phrase or tune - it is difficult to maintain but keep going for as long as you can. Now you can think like an animal. Explore your feelings and non-spoken thoughts.

14 October 2014

Speciesism? No Thanks!

Speciesism and Specismo
Specismo? No thanks! Let's not be speciesist. Specismo is Italian, meaning speciesism, and a nippier way of saying speciesism than the tongue-twisting English word. It's pronounced 'speh-chis-mo'.

13 October 2014

Do Animals Have Souls?

Do Animals Have Souls?
Plato said souls live in the ultimate reality. Society absorbed this idea when the early Church adopted the concept. The soul has thrived ever since. But what about the souls of other animals? And how can an incorporeal soul connect with its material body? The most compelling answer is that, as atheists say, the soul is purely an idea.

07 October 2014

Sherlock Holmes: What is His Darkness?

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes? What is the darkness of Sherlock Holmes? He beat animals to death. "Sherlock Holmes was beating the subjects in the dissecting rooms with a stick to verify how far bruises may be produced after death. I say him at it with my own eyes." (From 'A Study in Scarlet' by Arthur Conan Doyle.) Sherlock Holmes was a vivisectionist with a passion for pains-taking knowledge.

How Does Humanity Play With Nature?

climate change
Humanity Playing With Nature
How does humanity play with the nature? The climate and biosphere.

What Happens to Women as they Age?

Boobs and Belly
Boobs & Belly
She was beginning that age in life when her belly protruded further than her boobs. A connection with vegetarianism.

26 September 2014

Should We Keep Bowled Goldfish?

How Do You Keep Goldfish?
A bowled elephant
Bowled goldfish go mad. Bowled fish can't hide from prying eyes, search for food, or explore crevices. Water bowls can't carry enough oxygen, the sun drives it out, waste accumulates. Goldfish need masses of plants for oxygen, to hid in and explore, plus gravel for digging, and other goldfish. A bowel is no place for a goldfish. Would you bowl elephants?

What Activities Can Animal Rightists Do?

animal rights activism
Animal Rights Activism
What can anyone do in animal rights? Here are 20 activisms that animal rightists can do.

25 September 2014

Why Do Pet Cats Play With Prey?

Cats and Mice
Why do pet cats play with prey? They don't. They're simply prolonging the chase because they enjoy it so much. Pet cats don't usually eat their prey because they are raised to eat canned food and are too well fed to be hungry. Are cats or people to blame? People compound the offence by buying factory farmed pet food. Cats aren't cruel, just unthinking. Cruelty is a human concept.

12 September 2014

We Lived in an Animal Holocaust

Animal Holocaust
Wake up! We live in an animal holocaust.  Every year worldwide people kill at least 50 billion chickens, one billion pigs, 35 million fur bearers, 300 million beef cattle, 40 million lab animals, 500 million sheep and goats, 130 million tonnes of fish...and lots, lots more. Plus they drive countless wild species to extinction. This is an animal holocaust that almost everyone is perpetrating.

05 September 2014

Animal Rights Poster

Animal Rights
Animal rights poster

Use this illustration as a poster for your animal rights work!

Should We Always Question What We Know?

question knowledge
Always question
Always question what we know, understand what we don't know, keep a healthy scepticism about what people tell us, and constantly question our beliefs - especially when we think we are right! A hard thing to do.

03 September 2014

Should You Dine at Restaurant Factory Farm?

Factory Farm
Dine at Restaurant Factory Farm
Dine at Restaurant Factory Farm for you evening of animal overcrowding, drug saturation, breeding evils, mutilation and environmental rot.

28 August 2014

Cats in China

Cats in China
China Cats
The Chinese take our fur by the millions and cook us alive to eat. Not a good time to be a cat in China.

27 August 2014

Should We Believe Absurdities?

Absurdities - Atrocities
Voltaire, Absurdities and Atrocities
Should we believe absurdities? Voltaire said ''If we believe absurdities we shall commit atrocities'. Think of the Nazi mentality and the mass murder that followed. Now think of  people's assumptions about animals and how we treat animals.

18 August 2014

Understanding the Animal Holocaust

Understanding the Animal Holocaust
Wounds and the Holocaust
Understanding the animal holocaust is to live in a world of wounds. Any elephant knows this!

16 August 2014

What is the Animal Holocaust?

We Live in an Animal Holocaust
We Live in an Animal Holocaust. Every year worldwide people kill at least 50 billion chickens, one billion pigs, 35 million fur-bearers, 300 million beef cattle, 40 million lab animals, 500 million sheep and goats, 130 million tonnes of fish...and that's just a start.

13 August 2014

What Are the Eight Tenets of Deep Ecology?

Deep Ecology
The Eight Tenets of Deep Ecology
What are the eight tenets of deep ecology? The eight tenets were devised by Arne Naess and his colleagues in the environmental movement.

11 August 2014

How Many Animals in a Fur Coat?

Animals in a Fur Coat
How Many Animals in a Fur Coat?
Fur coats? How many animals make up a full length fur coat? The minimum number of animals to make a full length fur coat are: Mink (30), Rabbit (30), Fox (10), Chinchilla (30), Seal (6), Lynx (8), Badger (10), Otter (10), Dog (15), Bobcat (16), Coypu (26), Raccoon (30), Marten (50), Sable (60), Squirrel (200). Data from Respect for Animals  respectforanimals.co.uk

09 August 2014

Careless Fork Costs Animal Lives

Meat? Careless fork costs lives!
Meat? Careless fork costs lives!
Careless fork costs animal lives. Please give a thought where you stick your forkWe are not all meant to be meat!

26 June 2014

Don't Call Animals 'IT' !

Don't Call Animals It
Don't Call Animals 'IT'
Why we should not call an animal an 'IT''. Calling animals 'IT' demotes them to unfeeling inanimate objects, like sticks and stones; then we can do anything to them without moral consideration. Is a but an IT? No. By making barriers we create uncertainty about where to put them. all animals are HE or SHE. Don't call animals IT.

What is the Principle of Equal Consideration?

Equal Consideration
Equal Consideration
What is the principle of equal consideration of moral interests? "if an animal feels pain, the pain matters as much as when a human feels pain - if the pains hurt just as much. How bad pain and suffering are does not depend on the species that experiences it. When there is moral conflict you must consider animal and human interests equally." Peter Singer.

How Much Resources Do Humans Use?

How much resources do people use? Overly much compared with all other species!

25 June 2014

Should Animals Have Rights?

Animal Rights
Should Animals Have Rights?
Should animals have rights? Resolve the question by applying the principle of treating like cases alike. pick a right that humans have (eg to live uncaged). Ask: should humans have any justification for that right while denying it to animals (eg chickens, humans, elephants)? if there is no justification then animals should have that right. This rational avoids arbitrariness and lumping all species together. Ref: James Rachels, Do Animals Have a Right to Liberty?

24 June 2014

How Can You Settle a Human-Animal Moral Dispute?

consequentialism and deontology
Be a consequentialist or deontologist
How can you settle a human-animal moral dispute? Be a consequentialist - value a good outcome and aim to make the best consequences for the most good. OR. Be a deontologist - respect your duty and carry out your obligations (regardless of consequences). What if outcome and duty match? Odd - but a happy solution!

21 June 2014

Deep What (Ecology)?

Deep Ecology
Deep Ecology
What is Deep Ecology. We can find out by examining its tenets, paraphrased. 1) All creatures have intrinsic value. 2) All beings, simple as well as complex (ie humans!), contribute to life's richness. 3) Humans should use other beings only to satisfy their basic needs (not something that will satisfy hard-line animal liberationists). 4) Human interference with the world is excessive and worsening. 5) Economic, technological and ideological policies must change radially (not something governments ever want to do). 6) Animal health depends on decreasing the number of humans (parents seem not to think this of their own babies). 7) Quality of life is more important that standard of living. 8) Everyone who believes in these tenets must work for change. Arne Naess (1912 - 2009) and his colleagues originated Deep Ecology and the world's governments simply ignore its good sense.

18 June 2014

Why is Animal Ethics Imperative?

Animal Ethics
Importance of Animal Ethics
Why is animal ethics imperative? Unexamined beliefs when acted out can do enormous harm.

17 June 2014

Have You Ever Seen a Fat Vegetarian?

Fat vegetarian
A Fat Vegetarian?
Have you ever seen a fat vegetarian?  She was just beginning that age in life when her belly protruded further than her boobs.

11 June 2014

Take the Plunge into Veganism?

A little bit is better than none
Take the plunge into veganism? How do you start being vegan? Just eat more of everything else. You don't have to be 100 percent vegan to be vegan: 70 percent (or whatever) vegan is better than no vegan.

09 June 2014

How Does a Careless Fork Cost Lives?

chicken, pig, sheep, goat
Careless Fork Costs Lives
(couldn't) Care-less fork costs lives. For the abyssal human throat:  fifty billion chickens, one billion pigs, half a billion sheep and goats ,plus billions more... annually. Reference: USDA (US Dept of Agriculture)..

05 June 2014

How Many Sheep and Goats Do People Eat?

Sheep and Goats
Sheep and Goats
Dear Santa, please bring my mommy back for Christmas. People kill a billion sheep and goats every year worldwidey. References: FAO UN; Sheep and Goat Slaughter, USDA.

Animal Rights Grows

31 May 2014

What is the Greatest Threat to People?

The Greatest Threat to People
The Greatest Threat to People
What is the greatest threat to people? The greatest threat to people is ignorance; the greatest threat to animals is ignorant people.

29 May 2014

What is a Subject of a Life?

We are All Subjects of a Life
Just as your life story is uniquely yours, so every animal has a unique life story. We are all individuals going through the process of life, we are all subjects of a life (a phrase popularised by Tom Regan). The phrase serves to remind us how close we are to each other and to animals.

How is Animal Suffering Organised?

Animal Suffering
Animal Suffering
How is animal suffering organised? "Animal suffering is intense, widespread, expanding and socially sanctioned. And they are unable to organise in defence of their own interests." Henry Spira.

What Are the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare?

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare
The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare
What Are the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare? They are freedom for normal behaviour, freedom from pain, injury and disease, from hunger and thirst, from fear and distress, and from discomfort. In practice they are usually ignored.

22 May 2014

Why Can’t You Taste the Chicken in a Chicken Sandwich?

Chicken Sandwich
Why chicken has no taste
Why can’t you taste the chicken in a chicken sandwich? Factory farmed chickens are fed only corn and soya* - a bland unnatural diet leaving them tasteless. What you taste in the sandwich is the spice added to disguise this truth.

*National Chicken Council - the voice of the chicken industry (but not the voice of chickens)