28 August 2014

Cats in China

Cats in China
China Cats
The Chinese take our fur by the millions and cook us alive to eat. Not a good time to be a cat in China.

27 August 2014

Should We Believe Absurdities?

Absurdities - Atrocities
Voltaire, Absurdities and Atrocities
Should we believe absurdities? Voltaire said ''If we believe absurdities we shall commit atrocities'. Think of the Nazi mentality and the mass murder that followed. Now think of  people's assumptions about animals and how we treat animals.

18 August 2014

Understanding the Animal Holocaust

Understanding the Animal Holocaust
Wounds and the Holocaust
Understanding the animal holocaust is to live in a world of wounds. Any elephant knows this!

16 August 2014

What is the Animal Holocaust?

We Live in an Animal Holocaust
We Live in an Animal Holocaust. Every year worldwide people kill at least 50 billion chickens, one billion pigs, 35 million fur-bearers, 300 million beef cattle, 40 million lab animals, 500 million sheep and goats, 130 million tonnes of fish...and that's just a start.

13 August 2014

What Are the Eight Tenets of Deep Ecology?

Deep Ecology
The Eight Tenets of Deep Ecology
What are the eight tenets of deep ecology? The eight tenets were devised by Arne Naess and his colleagues in the environmental movement.

11 August 2014

How Many Animals in a Fur Coat?

Animals in a Fur Coat
How Many Animals in a Fur Coat?
Fur coats? How many animals make up a full length fur coat? The minimum number of animals to make a full length fur coat are: Mink (30), Rabbit (30), Fox (10), Chinchilla (30), Seal (6), Lynx (8), Badger (10), Otter (10), Dog (15), Bobcat (16), Coypu (26), Raccoon (30), Marten (50), Sable (60), Squirrel (200). Data from Respect for Animals  respectforanimals.co.uk

09 August 2014

Careless Fork Costs Animal Lives

Meat? Careless fork costs lives!
Meat? Careless fork costs lives!
Careless fork costs animal lives. Please give a thought where you stick your forkWe are not all meant to be meat!