26 September 2014

Should We Keep Bowled Goldfish?

How Do You Keep Goldfish?
A bowled elephant
Bowled goldfish go mad. Bowled fish can't hide from prying eyes, search for food, or explore crevices. Water bowls can't carry enough oxygen, the sun drives it out, waste accumulates. Goldfish need masses of plants for oxygen, to hid in and explore, plus gravel for digging, and other goldfish. A bowel is no place for a goldfish. Would you bowl elephants?

What Activities Can Animal Rightists Do?

animal rights activism
Animal Rights Activism
What can anyone do in animal rights? Here are 20 activisms that animal rightists can do.

25 September 2014

Why Do Pet Cats Play With Prey?

Cats and Mice
Why do pet cats play with prey? They don't. They're simply prolonging the chase because they enjoy it so much. Pet cats don't usually eat their prey because they are raised to eat canned food and are too well fed to be hungry. Are cats or people to blame? People compound the offence by buying factory farmed pet food. Cats aren't cruel, just unthinking. Cruelty is a human concept.

12 September 2014

We Lived in an Animal Holocaust

Animal Holocaust
Wake up! We live in an animal holocaust.  Every year worldwide people kill at least 50 billion chickens, one billion pigs, 35 million fur bearers, 300 million beef cattle, 40 million lab animals, 500 million sheep and goats, 130 million tonnes of fish...and lots, lots more. Plus they drive countless wild species to extinction. This is an animal holocaust that almost everyone is perpetrating.

05 September 2014

Animal Rights Poster

Animal Rights
Animal rights poster

Use this illustration as a poster for your animal rights work!

Should We Always Question What We Know?

question knowledge
Always question
Always question what we know, understand what we don't know, keep a healthy scepticism about what people tell us, and constantly question our beliefs - especially when we think we are right! A hard thing to do.

03 September 2014

Should You Dine at Restaurant Factory Farm?

Factory Farm
Dine at Restaurant Factory Farm
Dine at Restaurant Factory Farm for you evening of animal overcrowding, drug saturation, breeding evils, mutilation and environmental rot.