28 November 2014

How Friendly is the Fur Coat Trade?

Fur trade - fur coats
The Fur Coat Trade
How Many?

How many lives in a fur coat?
Many times your largest banknote
Add rejects not making the grade,
Trashed by the friendly and pleasant fur trade

“Does society need to know?
Cruel-blooded stats don’t make them dough.
“Silence!” our motto; we’re afraid
Not to seem a friendly and pleasant trade."

So coats are simply things to sell;
The beasts in them “ne’er suffered hell”.
Countless uncounted beasts betrayed,
Cashed by the friendly and pleasant fur trade.

24 November 2014

Limerick: The Human Flaw

Humanity Crisis
Humanity in Crisis
There once was a species almighty,
Its actions were useless and flighty:
Climate change and pollution
(over-population, environmental degradation,
species extinction, resource depletion...)
It ne'er made a solution.
The species did crash very mighty.

22 November 2014

The Noble Unnumbered

The Noble Unnumbered
A poem about Life and the Noble Unnumbered - dedicated to animal rights activists and environmental activists, after The Charge of the Light Brigade, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
Life’s in need, life’s in need,
Life’s in need deeply.
Life’s a joy and wonder,
T’is a crime of man to plunder.
Forward, the Life Brigade!
Our charge? To lend life aid.
We’re the unnumbered!

Advance, the Life Brigade,        
To force man’s crime forbade.
Abused, razed, eaten,
Each living life suffers
To oblivion or extinction.
Life we love so well,
Our foe flings all to hell!
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

Onward, the Life Brigade!
Shall we strain dismayed
‘gainst overwhelming power
To blot, wreck, destroy, devour?
Ours not to be afraid.   
Ours not to be a swayed.
Ours but to be a blade.
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

Critics to the right of us,
Critics to the left of us,
Critics in front of us.
Battered by words that sell,
We dodge, foil, repel.
But destroyers and slayers,
Beware our scorning sabres.
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

Our dealings? We are fair,
Violence we do forswear;
Our morality is of care.
We inspire, motivate
And gladly labour,
Rightly and strongly,
To save all nature.
For life we thunder,
We, the unnumbered!

When will life’s glory fade?
Not while fights the Life Brigade.
Honour life’s glory,
Magnificent wonder!
Honour the Life Brigade,
Noble without number!

11 November 2014

What is the Animal Rights Motto?

Animal Rights Motto
Animal Rights Motto
Animal rights motto: The greatest threat to people is ignorance; the greatest threat to animals is ignorant people.

10 November 2014

Consider the Tarantula

The Sixth Extinction
Consider the tarantula: Poecilotheria metallica. Problem: habitat destruction. Range: India. A tiny part of the Sixth Mass Extinction of life on Earth.

03 November 2014

Why Are We Earthling?

Earth Earthling
We are Earthling
We are natives of Earth; we are Earthling.
We say concord and conflict are sanguine.
All peoples and creatures
Are Earth-warming features.
That's why we rejoice being Earthling.