07 August 2015

How Animals Came to be Abused

animal rights religion
Animal Rights and the Church
How animals came to be abused.

Harming People - Harming Animals

harm animals
Harming People - Harming Animals
If we harm people then we must justify why we arm them.
If we cannot justify our actions then we must not harm them.
Similarly, we must question our conduct with animals.
We must ask what humanity is doing to animals,
how should we and how can we do rights,
then act.

05 August 2015

Animal Fat

Animal Holocaust
We’re people living on fat.
Don’t care a billion beasts get splat.
Just want our grub and swallow it whole.
Filling our bellies our only goal.

We love fat, fat - and that’s that, that.

Man's Darkest Hour

Man's Darkest Hour
The animal holocaust came trooping by;
Everyone turned an eager blind eye
- to the horror.
Endless bundles of bloodless meat;
No one could say no to such a treat.
Was a show of human power
- and man's darkest hour.

24 July 2015

What are Subjects of a Life?

subject of a life
Subjects of a Life
We’re subjects-of-a-life:
Suffer pleasure and pain;
What happens to us is highly main.
Thus we make on you this solemn plea.
Treat us how you would be treated:
Unique beings in wondrous glory,
Each a dearly loved story.

Rights Explained

03 July 2015

Population Explosion Equals Mass Slaughter

meat animals
Population Explosion Equals Mass Slaughter

Our numbers increase pathological,
So we kill animals maximal, methodical.
But should we be willing
This ceaseless killing
Just pandering lust gastronomical?

18 June 2015

Pig Joke?

Pig Joke?
What squeeks and weighs over 100 million tonnes? All the pigs people kill in one year. (Data from Livestock and Poultry. US Department of Agriculture.)

05 June 2015

What is the Greatest Threat to People?

The Greatest Threat
The greatest threat to people is ignorance; the greatest threat to animals is ignorant people.

20 April 2015

What is the Animal Holocaust?

Animal Slaughter
Animal Slaughter
Here is a small sample of the literally billions of animals people kill, making the animal holocaust. Statistics from  UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO);  USDA, ‘Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade’; Watt Executive Guide to World Poultry Trend,s 2014Animal People News and the World Wildlife Fund.

A Goose Dies every 22nd of a Second

Geese food
Geese Slaughter
Every 22nd of a second someone kills a goose. People kill 700 million geese every year. Statistics from FAO: UN Food and Agricultural Organization.

28 March 2015

How Many Beef Cattle Die?

Beef Meat
Beef Meat
Every 10th of a second someone kills a beef cow. People kill 300,000,000 beef cattle every year (according to FAO and USDA, 'Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade). The more people there are, the more death they spew.

21 March 2015

How Many Cats Do People Eat?

cats people eat
Eating Cats
How many cats do people eat? People eat at least four million cats a year in China and surrounding countries. Data from Animal People: http://www.animalpeoplenews.org/03/9/dogs.catseatenAsia903.html

13 March 2015

How Many Horses Do People Kill?

Horse, Mule and Ass Slaughter
How many horses do people kill annually? People slaughter five million a year (for meat), according to UN FAO statistics. People also kill at least two and a half million asses and over half a million mules. All statistics from  UN FAO.