28 March 2015

How Many Beef Cattle Die?

Beef Meat
Beef Meat
Every 10th of a second someone kills a beef cow. People kill 300,000,000 beef cattle every year (according to FAO and USDA, 'Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade). The more people there are, the more death they spew.

21 March 2015

How Many Cats Do People Eat?

cats people eat
Eating Cats
How many cats do people eat? People eat at least four million cats a year in China and surrounding countries. Data from Animal People: http://www.animalpeoplenews.org/03/9/dogs.catseatenAsia903.html

13 March 2015

How Many Horses Do People Kill?

Horse, Mule and Ass Slaughter
How many horses do people kill annually? People slaughter five million a year (for meat), according to UN FAO statistics. People also kill at least two and a half million asses and over half a million mules. All statistics from  UN FAO.