07 August 2015

How Animals Came to be Abused

animal rights religion
Animal Rights and the Church
How animals came to be abused.

Harming People - Harming Animals

harm animals
Harming People - Harming Animals
If we harm people then we must justify why we arm them.
If we cannot justify our actions then we must not harm them.
Similarly, we must question our conduct with animals.
We must ask what humanity is doing to animals,
how should we and how can we do rights,
then act.

05 August 2015

Animal Fat

Animal Holocaust
We’re people living on fat.
Don’t care a billion beasts get splat.
Just want our grub and swallow it whole.
Filling our bellies our only goal.

We love fat, fat - and that’s that, that.

Man's Darkest Hour

Man's Darkest Hour
The animal holocaust came trooping by;
Everyone turned an eager blind eye
- to the horror.
Endless bundles of bloodless meat;
No one could say no to such a treat.
Was a show of human power
- and man's darkest hour.